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This is now a list


Gar "Beast Boy" Logan | DC Comics | of_animalia
Kazuma Kuwabara | Yu Yu Hakusho | stfurameshi
Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner | Marvel Comics | in_likeflynn

Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner | Marvel OU | notaboggie
Chase Stein | Marvel AU | ofwisemen
Son Chi-Chi | Dragonball OU | yesitsacowpun
Sokka | Avatar: The Last Airbender | accessoriesget

@Noplace. More or less inactive.
I play the same characters a lot.Collapse )
I need more Kitty Pryde in my life.

Week from Heck, people! There's an Open House coming up at the end of the month, so observation led to lots of "ur doin it rong." I now have to have meetings with this lady every day and asl;sldkfj

It was frustrating to the point of tears, a couple of times. A friend told me last night to wake up and make sure I start over, so I did. Decided not to give a fuck, and today was better. I didn't have anybody breathing down my neck, I followed the instructions I was given, and it went pretty well. The boss-lady was even less insufferable today than she has been the past few, so.

I got better.

And this weekend is a long weekend! I'm going out of town to Daegu with a couple of my new favorite ladies. We're going to the zoo. :D And shooting somewhere apparently.

Dropping Sokka at TPH 'cause lolactivity.

I feel like I never get to RP anymore. S-sniff.

No more news, really. I'd love to do a little writing meme or something, 'cause a couple are going around but aaah I never talk to anybody any more and yeah that aforementioned RP thing. MY HOBBIES, MAN.

OH BUT WAIT HERE'S A THING: If you ever see tomato/banana juice on a menu and think to yourself, "Hey, I like both of those things. I'm not sure that's the best combo, but maybe it can be done right and delicious," yeah.

It's can't.

So don't order it. Get peach iced tea instead.

May. 2nd, 2011

I saw Thor yesterday and have since been informed that Thor isn't out in the States yet... WHUPS. lmao I feel so special.

It was good. :3 There were definitely some squee-worthy parts for nerds.

As in... I literally went "OH SNAP :O" and the fella I was with didn't understand my excitement.

ah mah talkin'.

So I did this back when the meme was actually going around, and I never got around to posting it. Now that I've found it... Yeah. Here it is.

I MISS MAH LITTLE BROTHER BAW. He's a cutie, y'all.

Mar. 25th, 2011

Do I want to go into Bupyeong? I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

It's cold and I'm sleepy but I already kind of said I'd go and aah. Meeting people here is a pain in the ass because it's ALWAYS at the bars where foreigners frequent. And I'm just not good at drinking and blah, blah, blah.

There's a lot to see here, and every weekend is going and getting smashed. Not that drinking isn't fun, but word. EVERY WEEKEND ALL WEEKEND. And I'm kind of worried about alienating the people I essentially live with by not going out all the time, but... Whatevs. THEY'RE NICE IDEK.

I'm not going. I've sent the text. Maybe they'll do something again tomorrow and I'll feel up to it. I just don't right now.

aaaah korea.
Got home to a wall post and e-mail about the earthquake in Japan, telling me to stay safe and wondering if I'm alive, respectively. I didn't even know about it before I got those messages. So suffice to say, I'm fine.

Shame, though, about that. I need to find a news source and stick to it.

Um. I HAVE A TUMBLR... That I'm going to try to actually use, since I know a few people on my flist are and I'm trying to get better about taking pictures, etc. I've followed a few people as it is. (Usernames snagged from K's post of a similar nature I AM INTERNETCREEPY HEY GUYS.)


if anybody's interested in things like fish and Engrish and funny shop names...

Going to try to creep back into my games again over the weekend. Or at least on Sunday. I'm seriously going to be the slowest tagger in all of existence, though, unless you happen to be up ass late at night. OH WELL. I'll give it another month of feeling around before I figure out if/who all I've got to drop...

lmao RP I can't quit you. (even.)

Night, all.
So I was wrong the other day. Today was my first day of teaching, rather than yesterday.

Can I just tell you... I have one class of awful students. Not all of them, but there's ten kids in the class and maybe four are decently behaved. They were my first class. They refused to sit down, refused to do any of the activities, and refused to speak English even though we're supposed to enforce that they do. Their parents are paying out the rear for them to go to an English school, so we... You know. Gotta make sure we teach them something. I had to repeatedly drag in my nearest Korean co-workers to get them to do ANYTHING. Nightmare fuel. HOPEFULLY IT WILL GET BETTER, once they're used to school and to me and all that.

The good news is that my other class was composed of wonderfully behaved children. And my Korean co-teacher said she would take the troublesome class in the morning and try to set them straight.

In any case, I'm glad it's not just me they weren't listening to. Co-teacher had a hard time with them, too! And... Pretty much everybody else who encountered them. SPECIAL.

Anyway, I have two extra classes tomorrow. One rudimentary Phonics and one a higher level. I did all my planning today yadda yadda... I just need to get used to the flow of things and all that.

We're going bowling tonight, so that oughta be fun.

Someday there will be pictures...
It's Monday evening.

I start teaching on Wednesday morning.

I have no idea who I'm teaching, precisely what I need to teach them, and I still have to move into my apartment and properly decorate my classroom.

ㅏ is 'a'. So.


I'm learning lol.
I am not even sure that I have anything interesting to report, but I'm in Incheon. The plane ride was horrendous.

All I've really done was... Get a medical exam and do some orientation and go out to eat a couple of times. I've figured out that ordering food and coffee and EVERYTHING is pretty difficult when you don't know the language, and my hand gestures and the like could probably use some work.

But I've learned how to say thank you, and... Can't figure out how to spell it, BUT WHATEVER IT'S COOL. I can say it. That's what counts.

The won is tripping me out. It's really dry here. I'm trying to crochet a hat because it's windy and my poor little ears are cold... Uh. I'm staying a hotel until the first, then I'm moving into my apartment.

There is TONS OF STUFF here. A couple of the other new teachers are from cities and the like, but I'm not, so. THERE'S JUST SO MUCH STUFF HERE. And it's very colorful, etc. Long story short: it's really cool.

There's porn on regular cable lololol. We accidentally discovered this.